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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Update from Define Our Decade Summer. Cross-posted from courtesy of Summer of Solutions Twin Cities participant Brianna Besch.

Last Sunday afternoon my day was rudely interrupted when the power went out. It was off for less than three hours but for that time I felt completely incapacitated, disconnected from the rest of the world and lost, not being able to do anything productive. Though logically I knew it was true these three hours demonstrated, more then all of the facts and figures I have learned, just how dependent we are on power to function on a most basic level.

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VIDEO: Rally at White House, "Oil and Politics Don't Mix"


Check out this video of our "Draw a line in the Sand" rally at the White House. We need an end to Big Oil handouts and real action for clean, safe energy now!

Big shout out to youth leaders: Arielle Klagsbrun for her hard work organizing the rally, and Adiel Kaplan for making this video. 

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Hundreds Stage BP "Citizen's Arrest" - Demonstrate the Power of the People

"We want safe jobs and clean energy
No more oil spills - Arrest BP!"

Was the thunderous chant echoing off the monolithic walls of BP’s DC headquarters today when hundreds of protestors turned out in force to deliver them a “Crude Awakening.” From the mouth of our megaphones BP got a strong dose of people power as we rallied and called for a “Citizens Arrest” of CEO Tony Hayward on the charges of criminal negligence.

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Public Outcry Leads Obama To Announce 6-Month Ban on New Drilling - Keep It Up!


Congratulations! Yesterday under intense public pressure President Obama extended a 6-month moratorium on new offshore drilling.

It's a step in the right direction, but not enough - now is the time for us to plant our heels into the ground, and demand President Obama continue to stand up to Big Oil with unprecedented leadership towards a clean energy economy and a permanent ban on new offshore drilling.

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Pushing the Politics of Possibility

This Earth Day I was torn between excitement and disappointment. With thousands of people convening at the World People's Conference on Climate Change in Bolivia and hundreds of thousands of people on the National Mall for a Climate Rally I could see the movement out in force calling for bold change. But then the news broke that Senator Lindsey Graham was further delaying his long-awaited climate bill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not particularly excited about the bill, it’s woefully inadequate. But the further delay speaks to how the urgency and science are not aligning with the politics. We need to drastically reshape the political landscape of this country through innovation new tactics and visionary youth leadership that pushes what I like to call the politics of possibility.

It is time for our government to match the compassion and leadership that young people are demonstrating on our campuses and in our communities. We have been making progress, but it’s not enough. Let’s look to Senator Lindsey Graham as a prime example. Though he is waffling now, he credits young people for bringing him to climate consciousness, when he told the New York Times in February; "I have been to enough college campuses to know if you are 30 or younger this climate issue is not a debate. It's a value." He is feeling the popular pressure but still isn’t listening to the details of our message.  So youth in South Carolina and around the country are responding: