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The (Koch) Empire Strikes Back

On Sunday, nearly 2,000 citizens converged on the resort town of Rancho Mirage, California to confront a secretive meeting of billionaires meeting behind closed doors.  The event has generated widespread coverage in the LA Times, NY Times, Politico,

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Let's replace We The Corporations with We the People

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection over the weekend on our movement, our democracy, and our country one year after the Citizens United ruling and how we move forward.

Join us in Palm Springs to expose the Koch Brothers and other corporate billionaires planning a takeover of our democracy. RSVP and Reserve your spot on one of the buses.

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Young voters lead decisive victory against Big Oil's Prop 23!

Thousands stand up to Big Oil and defeat Proposition 23

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Students voting No on 23 - Turnout so high at SDSU that provisional ballots have run out

This just in. I just heard from organizers at CSSC and Environment California that youth turnout at San Diego State University is so high that they've completely run out of provisional ballots. 

There's still over 5 hours before polls close at 8 CT - make sure you get out to vote!

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VIDEO UPDATE: Koch Refuses to Accept Debate Challenge In-Person, Responds with Security Team

Yesterday, I accompanied Joel Francis to Koch Industries’ headquarters to deliver his debate challenge in person to CEO Charles Koch.

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Student Leader Challenges Charles Koch of Koch Industries to Debate Prop 23

Cal State Los Angeles Senior Joel Francis issued a debate challenge to billionaire CEO Charles Koch of Koch Industries today. Joel emphasized that if Koch Industries wants to spend millions of dollars in our state, the CEO ought to have the courage to debate Prop 23 in person. Mr. Koch has donated at least $1 million to the Proposition that would suspend California's clean energy and climate change laws.

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Power Vote California takes on Big Oil

This election we face a major attack on California's clean energy and global warming policy - Big Oil is pushing Proposition 23, a ballot measure to gut California's landmark Global Warming Solutions Act. The California Student Sustainability Coalition, and young people across the state are mobilizing behind Power Vote California to defeat Prop 23.