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Students voting No on 23 - Turnout so high at SDSU that provisional ballots have run out

This just in. I just heard from organizers at CSSC and Environment California that youth turnout at San Diego State University is so high that they've completely run out of provisional ballots. 

There's still over 5 hours before polls close at 8 CT - make sure you get out to vote!

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Breakin' it Down in Ohio

In the final days before the election, young people across Ohio are breakin' it down, literally. They've got three objectives in mind: (1) turning out the youth vote, (2) making the case to revitalize the Rust Belt with clean energy solutions like high-speed rail, (3) and having fun.

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Trick-Out-The-Vote in the South!

Written by Jenna Garland, cross-posted from Southern Energy Network

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays: candy, costumes, and in 2010, democracy!

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VIDEO UPDATE: Koch Refuses to Accept Debate Challenge In-Person, Responds with Security Team

Yesterday, I accompanied Joel Francis to Koch Industries’ headquarters to deliver his debate challenge in person to CEO Charles Koch.

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March to the Polls: "Who's Future? Our Future!"

Written by Cara Cooper, Florida International University

Time for our generation to get off our computers and get to the polls!

Today, Florida YES Coalition students at Florida International University in Miami, Florida hosted a youth voting rally on campus and marched together to the polls. 

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Video from MN: "Of course I'm voting for clean energy, there's no other way to vote"

Students at College of St. Benedicts & St. John's made this great YouTube video of them talking to other young people about the importance of getting out the vote for clean energy.

As Casey says, "young people are turning out in droves on November 2nd" you don't want to miss it!

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Student Leader Challenges Charles Koch of Koch Industries to Debate Prop 23

Cal State Los Angeles Senior Joel Francis issued a debate challenge to billionaire CEO Charles Koch of Koch Industries today. Joel emphasized that if Koch Industries wants to spend millions of dollars in our state, the CEO ought to have the courage to debate Prop 23 in person. Mr. Koch has donated at least $1 million to the Proposition that would suspend California's clean energy and climate change laws.

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Video: Florida Students Create "Human Oil Spill" on 6 month anniversary of BP Disaster

Check out this great news clip of students from Florida Gulf Coast University. They created a "human oil spill" to protest the 6 month anniversary of the BP oil disaster and urge young people to vote to move beyond dirty and dangerous offshore drilling.

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A Tale of Two Cities... and Two Global Work Parties!

Denver and Atlanta are two very different cities, but on October 10, 2010, they had something in common with each other and over 7,000 communities in 188 countries around the world.  On 10/10/10, young people in these two cities came together to participate in Global Work Parties inspired by and organized by community leaders and volunteers whose collective efforts resulted in the most widespread demonstration of climate solutions EVER!  Whether exchanging old incandescent bulbs for newer, more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), planting trees or creating a video message to elected officials about the urgent need for clean energy, the message was clear: "We are getting to work to address the climate crisis and so should ALL WORLD LEADERS."