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Florida vs. Maryland - who will build bigger political muscles for clean energy?

The October, Maryland and Florida have decided to square off. The battle: who can build bigger political muscles through the Power Vote campaign.

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VIDEO: Nikke Alex Speaks on Green Jobs, Environmental Racism and the Navajo Nation

Much love to Nikke Alex, a youth organizer who works with Black Mesa Water Coalition, for a compelling interview for Down2Earth that she did in the freezing cold! (check out the snowfall) Nikke and BMWC have been working to fight for green jobs and to stop unjust mining practices and development on the Navajo Nation – including an effort last year that got a historic green jobs bill passed by the Navajo Nation Council to create the Navajo Green Economy Commission.

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White House Goes Solar! Urge Obama to keep working.

Yesterday’s announcement that the Obama Administration would be putting solar panels on the White House is great news. 

This is an important step, and a cause for celebration. This has been a huge priority for young people and the act of putting solar panels on the White House is a demonstration that our voice is being heard.  From pioneering clean energy on campuses and in communities to demanding elected officials match our efforts, this victory wouldn't have happened without young people. 

While we celebrate today, we won't be satisfied until our country has a comprehensive plan to revitalize our economy with clean and just energy that reduces our climate pollution to what the science demands.

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WashU Students Reject Coal CEO's Take on Energy at International Symposium

St. Louis has long been corporate ground zero for dirty energy. Over the past two years, these corporations have become increasingly close with Washington University: Arch Coal, Peabody Energy, and the dirty energy utility Ameren UE helped found the Consortium for [email protected] Coal Utilization, the CEOs of Arch Coal and Peabody were appointed to WashU’s Board of Trustees, and WashU’s chancellor was the vice chair of a National Research Council report on America’s energy future that advocated for the continued use of coal.

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Power Vote California takes on Big Oil

This election we face a major attack on California's clean energy and global warming policy - Big Oil is pushing Proposition 23, a ballot measure to gut California's landmark Global Warming Solutions Act. The California Student Sustainability Coalition, and young people across the state are mobilizing behind Power Vote California to defeat Prop 23.

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A look into Power Vote at Morgan State University

This post gives you a look into a Power Vote campus campaign. It comes from Reginald Larkin at Morgan State University. It's great to see how team work, smart outreach and compelling educational events and actions can really build momentum on campus.

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WashU forums push the question: "Corporate dirty energy? or Community-led clean energy solutions?"

St. Louis, Missouri is ground zero for corporate dirty energy. Two of the nation's largest coal companies, Peabody Energy and Arch Coal have been running the town for decades, but there's about to be a showdown...

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Join Southern youth at the SSREC (Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference)!

Tumultuous times call for strong communities and relationships to be forged as we break our ties to dirty energy.

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VA Youth question Governor McDonnell's offshore views

Crossposted from the Chesapeake Climate Action Network blog.

Last night Governor McDonnell addressed a crowd of almost-entirely-not college students at the University of Mary Washington. It wasn't the students fault for not being there- it was only their second day on campus, so the Governor's town hall was under the radar. Despite that, there was a group from the Mary Washington environmental club that was excited to ask the Governor about his stance on offshore drilling and wind development.