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People or Polluters: Senator McCaskill, Whose Side Are You On?

Written by Will Fischer, Climate Action St. Louis organizer

Washington, D.C.: When asked this week about climate change legislation, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill responded, “I think it’s still a work in progress. You know, it took 50 years on health care.”

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Senator Lindsey Graham, Do You Really Want to Support Offshore Drilling for SC?

Yesterday, July 20th, on the three-month anniversary of the oil disaster in the Gulf, two Carolinians hung banners at the Daughters of Confederacy building in Charleston's old city to express concern over Senator Lindsey Graham's continued support of offshore drilling for South Carolina. "Drilling off the coast of South Carolina directly threatens the low country lifestyle central to South Carolina heritage and culture.

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Hey Senator Warner, Whose Side Are You On?

On Thursday, students in Richmond, Virginia asked Senator Mark Warner to choose: will he stand with us, the people, or with Big Oil polluters? Decked out with wind turbines and oil barrels, the group painted out the two sides perfectly. Both Virginia Senators, Senator Warner and Senator Webb, have taken money from dirty energy sources in the past year and continue to support oil and coal handouts.

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VIDEO: Power Vote Launch and Training - Apply Today


Energy Action Coalition and its partners are hosting a training this fall to prepare young leaders to launch and lead our Power Vote 2010 campaign. Together we'll gain the skills and know how to organize around the elections and our local issues. The hundreds of people who attend the training will go back to their communities to run local campaigns that together will demonstrate that young people demand clean and just energy, and are getting to work in their communities to build power, support and progress for it.

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The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Update from Define Our Decade Summer. Cross-posted from courtesy of Summer of Solutions Twin Cities participant Brianna Besch.

Last Sunday afternoon my day was rudely interrupted when the power went out. It was off for less than three hours but for that time I felt completely incapacitated, disconnected from the rest of the world and lost, not being able to do anything productive. Though logically I knew it was true these three hours demonstrated, more then all of the facts and figures I have learned, just how dependent we are on power to function on a most basic level.

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VIDEO: Rally at White House, "Oil and Politics Don't Mix"


Check out this video of our "Draw a line in the Sand" rally at the White House. We need an end to Big Oil handouts and real action for clean, safe energy now!

Big shout out to youth leaders: Arielle Klagsbrun for her hard work organizing the rally, and Adiel Kaplan for making this video. 

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Draw a line in the sand at 700 locations and the White House this Saturday

This Saturday at over 700 locations across the country people are joining hands against offshore drilling. Oil has been gushing into the Gulf for over 60 days, it's time to take our stand!


Despite the spill, every year we give Big Oil $10 billion in handouts. That money should be directed towards clean energy investments that can move us beyond oil and provide a needed economic boost to the Gulf.


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Hundreds Stage BP "Citizen's Arrest" - Demonstrate the Power of the People

"We want safe jobs and clean energy
No more oil spills - Arrest BP!"

Was the thunderous chant echoing off the monolithic walls of BP’s DC headquarters today when hundreds of protestors turned out in force to deliver them a “Crude Awakening.” From the mouth of our megaphones BP got a strong dose of people power as we rallied and called for a “Citizens Arrest” of CEO Tony Hayward on the charges of criminal negligence.

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Welcome to our new website!

Today is an exciting day - we have a new website!

This site has been a long time in the making. Thanks to everyone who provided thoughts and ideas for what we've created. The site has been intentionally designed so that we can expand on it, adding new features and content, so please continue to contribute as we move forward!

Please take some time to check out the site, and send along any feedback.  A couple of things to be sure not to miss:

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Public Outcry Leads Obama To Announce 6-Month Ban on New Drilling - Keep It Up!


Congratulations! Yesterday under intense public pressure President Obama extended a 6-month moratorium on new offshore drilling.

It's a step in the right direction, but not enough - now is the time for us to plant our heels into the ground, and demand President Obama continue to stand up to Big Oil with unprecedented leadership towards a clean energy economy and a permanent ban on new offshore drilling.