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Baltimore Green Week is on the way!

Written by Christina Nutile, Program Manager, Baltimore Green Week

The 7th Annual Baltimore Green Week is nearly a week away! I say this as we continue to iron out the details making last minute phone calls, finalizing all of the orders and checking off the three-page list of things to do before Friday.   Having done this for a few years now, you would think it gets easier.  On the contrary, the green movement is moving faster than ever and keeping track of all of the enviro-focused happenings here in Baltimore is both exciting and a challenge.

Baltimore Green Week promotes a mix of local community actions and sustainable businesses; in addition, it offers public programming that educates on environmental and health issues as well as ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  We cover a broad range of issues in the hope of connecting topics such as supporting local farmers, decreasing dependency on chemicals, and improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

An organic taster of Baltimore Green Week, 2010:

EcoFest is our annual Green Week kick off event. An outdoor festival, yes, typical hawking of wares, no! If trying new things and experiencing new ways to look at something old interests you than look no further. The EcoFest offers attendees a chance to try your hand at yoga, take a bike ride around the reservoir, learn about beekeeping and taste a little home grown honey, you can help build a bamboo hut or sit back under the cherry blossoms listening to local music. EcoFest truly offers a place for different people, from various backgrounds, to come together and experience what is happening in Baltimore. Druid Hill Park, 12-6 p.m., April 17th

If you are human then take a look! Our need for chemical reform is not often discussed unless the campaign focus is on ridding baby bottles of BPA (Bisphenol A) or talking about the cancerous effects of pthalates in our shampoos. What you rarely hear is that the bill governing the chemical industry is 34 years old and has never been updated. What’s worse is the thought that of the 62,000 chemicals being used today only 200 of them are required to have testing. We have invited Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Director, Andy Igrejas to discuss what it is that we are truly up against in terms of public health and ways for citizens to make changes starting at home.

In New Orleans, they call it Friday Lunch. During Green Week, we say it is Local is What Local Does! BGW joined forces with the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance to recruit some of the most sustainable (and delicious!) restaurants to host the first ever, Baltimore Green Week food tour! From noon-4 p.m., we are hitting the road to visit with these devoted chefs and the producers who supply them while tasting their latest creations.

Baltimore Green Week is chocked full of so many different activities and opportunities that not only educate in the classroom but encourage ways of life! I hope that if you ever find yourself in Baltimore in April, you’ll look us up and join in on the celebration! Be sure to sign up on our website to receive newsletters and updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!