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Countdown to Appalachia Rising, September 25-27

In just five days people will be streaming into Washington, DC for Appalachia Rising, a national convergence of coalfield residents and activists to create a more just and prosperous Appalachia and move beyond mountaintop removal mining.

Over the weekend at "Voices from the Mountains" there will be strategizing, workshops,  learning, and cultural events to create vibrant discussion and progress on the struggle to end mountaintop removal. Saturday morning we'll hear about the various challenges and opportunities facing the region, and then in the afternoon we'll shift to the strategies and tactics we can use to address them.

And then on Monday we get to hit the streets - we'll have a colorful march and rally to send our message of a more just and prosperous Appalachia free of mountaintop removal.

It's not too late to attend! Sign up, find a ride, and get more details at


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What was surprising was the

What was surprising was the presence of five other important demands that are essential to the development of all great leaders.

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These assaults upon and

These assaults upon and criminalization of dissent from the surveillance of activists to the federalization of local law enforcement to the labeling of activists as “terrorists”dismantle piece by piece a core right considered essential to meaningful democracy.

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Trailing by 10 1/2 north face

Trailing by 10 1/2 north face clearance in the wild-card race on Aug. 25, the Cardinals surged down the stretch and took advantage of a monumental collapse by Atlanta to win a playoff spot on the final night of the regular season.

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While Congress and the

While Congress and the President may pass laws and veto bills, ultimately it is the Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution and consequently determines how each American will live his or her life.

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