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Pollution and Why Your Kid is Always Sick

Kids get sick a lot, right? Like a lot. Especially when school starts and all those kids are sharing snot and germs all over the place. But what happens when your kid is always sick – all year round? The sniffles, asthma, allergies, rashes, stomach upset, etc. Sound familiar? Think it’s gluten or a beloved family pet causing all the trouble? Think again, and think outside the home.
Air Quality
Since air pollution rates have continually increased in major American metropolitan areas like California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York, pediatric asthma rates have increased to an all-time high. Think of how many kids (maybe even your own) that you know who have asthma. And it’s not just slight wheezing type asthma. These conditions are debilitating and prevent kids from even playing outside with friends in some cases. Scientists and doctors are beginning to connect the dots: the higher parts per million of particles in the air, the worst pediatric asthma seems to get. This means that there are literally particles of junk in the air that we’re all breathing, and kids (whose lungs are still developing) are not getting the quality air that they need. How do we fix this? Well, that starts with decreasing the parts per million in the air, reducing the amount of pollution a city allows, and working to clean the air. Of course, this takes time and effort, and if your kid is suffering now your best solution may be to move. Moving to a less populated, less industrial area will give your child fresh(er) air, and let him or her control their asthma easier than with tons of medications. 768w, 1024w, 1200w, 1697w" sizes="(max-width: 671px) 100vw, 671px" />Cold water being poured into a glass.
You probably drink city water, unless you’re on a farm or out of the city limits and have a well. It’s great that you have running water, and fairly clean water at that. But also take into consideration what has to be done to the water to make it safe to drink. Also think about what’s going on in Flint, Michigan right now where there are actually people who have been drinking insane amounts of lead in their city water for God knows how long. In the average cup of tap water, there can be found traces of: chlorine, prescription medications, soil particles, metals, and a lot of fluoride. That’s in a good city water treatment system. Imagine what’s in a city water supply that isn’t properly cared for. While you may think, “We need chlorine to kill bacteria in the water and fluoride to make our bones and teeth strong!,” think about the fact that babies and toddlers aren’t supposed to use fluoride in their toothpaste in case they ingest it. We tell kids to not drink pool water because of the chlorine. Yet, we’re drinking these things on a daily basis. Do your own research; you’ll find that maybe city water isn’t as great as you thought it was. We are 80% water; what happens when we drink nasty water?