Press Release

Statement by Courtney Hight, Executive Director of Energy Action Coalition, in response to Announcement Regarding Solar Panels on the White House


 October 5, 2010

Contact: Courtney Hight, Executive Director, 541 554 9679 or [email protected]

The following is a statement from Energy Action Coalition Executive Director Courtney Hight on the announcement that solar panels will be installed on the roof of the White House:

"Energy Action Coalition applauds President Obama for taking a strong symbolic step and urges him to go beyond symbolic commitments and drive real progress on clean energy and taking action on climate change.

"Energy Action Coalition has been calling for President Obama to lead on this issue, in collaboration with and many others. The act of putting solar panels on the White House is a demonstration that young people across the country have been heard as we have asked our President to match our actions in pioneering renewable energy solutions.

"While we celebrate today, we won’t be satisfied until our country has a comprehensive approach to develop a clean energy economy that addresses our nation’s pressing environmental and economic issues. We need an Apollo-style program to revitalize our economy and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to what the science demands. We will hold the Administration accountable to their commitment to prioritize these issues in 2011, and will continue to advance local solutions and build support across the country."

The partners of Energy Action Coalition are Black Mesa Water Coalition, CALPIRG, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, CONNPIRG, Campus Progress, the California Student Sustainability Coalition, the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, The DC Project, Earth Day Network, Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative, Energy Justice Network, Grand Aspirations, Greenpeace, Green For All, Global Exchange, Indigenous Environmental Network, League of Young Voters, MASSPIRG, NJPIRG, National Wildlife Federation, Rainforest Action Network, REDOIL, Responsible Endowments Coalition, Restoring Eden, Southern Energy Network, Student Environmental Action Coalition, Southwest Workers' Union, Sierra Student Coalition, SustainUS, Sierra Youth Coalition, WASHPIRG, WISPIRG.