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Student Leader Challenges Charles Koch of Koch Industries to Debate Prop 23

Cal State Los Angeles Senior Joel Francis issued a debate challenge to billionaire CEO Charles Koch of Koch Industries today. Joel emphasized that if Koch Industries wants to spend millions of dollars in our state, the CEO ought to have the courage to debate Prop 23 in person. Mr. Koch has donated at least $1 million to the Proposition that would suspend California's clean energy and climate change laws.


Joel asked for a public debate, anytime, anywhere in the state before election day, to discuss California's economic future and Prop 23. He is part of Power Vote California, a project of the California Student Sustainability Coalition. Hundreds of students are working across the state to stop Prop 23 and mobilize our generation to vote on November 2. Young leaders are standing up to out-of-state special interests trying to ruin our clean energy future by voting No on Prop 23.
You can pledge to vote at from your smart phone or computer.
View their press release announcing the debate challenge here.


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Hi, the article is so

Hi, the article is so wonderful, I am interested in it. I will pay attention to your articles.

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Even though Mr. Koch was not

Even though Mr. Koch was not there for the debate I still enjoyed being able to attend the debate in person. Clean energy is a very interesting topic that many of my fellow students and I love to debate among ourselves. A few of us actually managed to find air fare, open hotels, and group travel insurance all on short notice so that we could travel out to California last week in order to hear both sides argue their points. We also stayed two extra days to experience the city. We had a lot of fun and hope to do it again sometime soon!

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Indeed, Gallup researchers

Indeed, Gallup researchers have long been intrigued with this question. Having studied leadership talent for more than 40 years, Gallup set out to discover the demands that executives must meet to be successful.

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That has been true

That has been true historically and it is true today. Often, federal agencies and state and city governments, at times of both war and relative quiescence, try through surveillance, infiltration, and limits on protest to suppress dissent.

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How? Because with each new

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