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Youth Clean Energy Voters Show The Leadership They Demand

For Immediate Release: November 2nd, 2010

Contact: Whit Jones, Power Vote Field Director
(914) 671-1880, [email protected]
Youth Clean Energy Voters Show The Leadership They Demand
Thousands stand up to Big Oil and dirty money attacks
In an election that's been characterized by record corporate spending, capitulation to moderation, and a lack of leadership behind visionary ideas, the youth clean energy vote is showing the leadership it demands. United behind the Power Vote campaign, in hundreds of locations around the country, thousands of young voters are standing up to Big Oil, confronting special interests, and advancing bold clean energy solutions.
California – young voters fight Big Oil's Dirty Energy Proposition
In California, where the stakes couldn't be clearer, thousands of young voters are mobilizing to defeat Proposition 23, a deceptive ballot measure funded by Big Oil interests to wreck California's clean energy economy. The California Student Sustainability Coalition's (CSSC) Power Vote Campaign, in partnership with CalPIRG and Environment California, has organized on over 50 campuses and collected over 160,000 “No on Prop 23 pledges.” The CSSC, working with community colleges and the Clean Energy Tour, a traveling hip hop show, has reached beyond traditional students to make sure the diversity of the Millennial generation is represented on November 2nd. A creative debate challenge from Joel Francis, a student leader at Cal State, Los Angeles, to Charles Koch, one of the lead financiers of Proposition 23, has drawn national attention to the people-powered battle against dirty corporate interests.
Virginia – Windmills Not Oilspills
Across the commonwealth of Virginia, young people are using their vote to rally support for clean energy opportunities that can replace dangerous energy. They've carried their message for “Windmills Not Oilspills” to political debates across the state, including to Virginia's 5th Congressional District where their most active has been a voice in the tight race. Over 1000 young people from Charlottesville and University of Virginia have pledged to carry their demands for clean energy to the ballot box. In the run up to the the election they organized 'Dorm Storms' to mobilize their generation to vote.
Florida – Solar in the Sunshine State
In the wake of the BP oil disaster, the Southern Energy Network and young voters across Florida knew that they had to mobilize to protect Florida's shores. Over 5000 young voters have been engaged in their campaign to promote Solar in the Sunshine state. Creative actions like “Human oil spills” and “Marches to the polls” have led young voters to the polls with a message for clean energy.
Ohio – young voters push to revitalize the Rust Belt with clean economy solutions
Young voters in Ohio are building support for a clean energy economy that can revitalize the Rust Belt and move us beyond coal with clean energy jobs. On Halloween they built support for high-speed rail wearing “mass transit train” costumes at political rallies and Trick-Out-The-Vote events. Today they called over 1400 young voters at a phonebank from Oberlin College.
Texas – Holding elected officials accountable to our communities
In San Antonio, young leaders working with the Southwest Workers Union and the “Nuestra Voz” (Our Voice) campaign have been mobilizing young voters around the community's “Peoples' Power Plan.” Through block-walking, voter education and outreach at high schools, they're building community support and power..
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