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Southeast Campus Field Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation

Carly Queen grew up on her family's farm in Waynesville, a small mountain town between the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Asheville, North Carolina. After graduating from Tuscola High School, she moved to Atlanta to study mechanical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. During her third year of college, Carly took a full-time job as a canvasser with The Fund for Public Interest Research. In that role, she went door to door engaging individuals on environmental and social justice issues, raising money and recruiting members for several non-profit groups including Sierra Club, Environment Georgia and Georgia Public Interest Research Group (PIRG). That summer she served as a Senior Field Manager for The Fund, leading more than 30 new canvassers to collectively raise over $300,000 to protect Georgia's rivers and break the previous record for funds raised in a summer by the Atlanta office. When she resumed taking classes that fall, Carly decided to start a new organization at Georgia Tech, called Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS). In the two years that Carly served as President of SOS, she helped to spearhead campaigns for sustainable dining practices, a bicycle repair and co-op program, energy efficiency and renewable energy on campus. She also organized lectures and events to educate the Georgia Tech community and raise awareness about issues ranging from water conservation to environmental justice. During this time, she was actively involved with Metro Atlanta Students for Sustainability (MASS), Georgia Students for Sustainability (GSS) and the Energy Action Coalition (EAC). She began working as the Southeast Campus Field Coordinator with National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Program in June 2009. Since then she has helped organize the Carolinas and Florida Power Shift conferences, served as a Youth Delegate at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and begun forming state networks for sustainability coordinators, faculty and staff from higher education institutions in Georgia and Florida. She is also working to form three regional learning communities and organize several educational networking events in North Carolina as part of NWF and Jobs for the Future's new Greenforce Initiative, which supports community colleges in becoming more sustainable and developing effective curriculum and training programs to help students advance along green career pathways. Carly and other Campus Ecology field staff offer free consultation, resources and training to help students, faculty, staff and administrators successfully advance sustainability on their campuses and in their communities.

Favorite Quote: "In my lifetime, I hope “environmentalists” disappear. I hope we won’t need that term to describe a relatively small group of people on the planet because that group will include everyone. The values and actions of environmentalism will be so embedded in every day thinking and living, that it will be taken for granted. That will not happen until we see the connection between what we do as environmentalists and what it takes to make it possible for people to walk freely in the world, able to share their gifts and unconstrained by discrimination. It won’t happen until we live up to integrating environment, economy, and equity so that equality doesn’t continually fall off the table." - Angela Park


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